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Cliniccare liquid moisturisers rely on natural extracts and organically-sourced active ingredients to give your skin the safest and most reliable route to achieving a visibly youthful, healthy and trouble-free complexion. These refreshing and light skin care products ar an important part of a good skn care regime. X3M EGF REFRESH Liquid Moisturiser is an energising and soothing antioxdiant Liquid Moisturiser that refreshes and hydrates the skin.


  • Add an extra moisture boost to dehydrated skin with the X3M EGF Refresh Liquid Moisturiser. Designed to revive tired skin, this lightweight liquid moisturiser provides deep down hydration while supporting the skin's protective moisture barrier to reinvigorate lacklustre skin. Added antioxidants help to combat the effects of harmful free radicals and prevent enviromental damage, to bring out the skin's natural radiance for a fresher, healthier, younger looking complexion.
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