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CLINICCARE essences are ultra-intensive, light formulas that penetrates the skin deep down with moisture and nutrients. Because the active ingredients in CLINICCARE are much more concentrated than those of regular creams and moisturisers, our essences are able to target key problems, such as ageing skin, acne, age-spots and fine lines many layers beneath the skin's surface. By adding a Cliniccare Essence to your daily skin care system (after toner, before serum/cream/moisturiser), you can treat underlying skin damage more precisely and efficiently. X3M EGF PURE Essence Moisturiser is a lightweight but incredibly powerful product. An energising antioxidant essence moisturiser that refreshes, protects and hydrates skin for an instant dewy glow.


  • Formulated with powerful antioxidants including Green Tea Extract alongside hydrating Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, this facial essence is designed to soothe and correct problematic skins. It removes acne-causing bacteria from the surface and minimises in?ammation to create a calmer, more harmonious complexion.
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